How to fill out and sign digital documents on Android

You’re out with friends and then it hits you: Those loan documents you’ve been waiting to sign finally arrive in your email. And they’re due today!

You don’t have to run back home or to the office to sign, print, scan, and email them back. That’s because you have the capability to sign the files right away from your Android phone. One excellent solution for this is Adobe Fill & Sign DC.

adobe fill

Grab that file you need for a quick signature.

It’s one of several Adobe apps that handle this function, but it’s the most straightforward if you want to be able to sign something quickly and not have to fiddle with too many account settings. 

You’re able to import a document from your downloads, or take a picture and use the app to fill out the boxes and add a signature. Then, scribble on the screen with your finger, or a stylus if you’re using a device like the Galaxy Note 5. 

adobe signature

Add in your John Hancock and be on your way.

The app is free, but to save the item to Adobe’s cloud storage you’ll need to register for an account.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Google eventually build in this type of capability with Drive, but for now this app is probably your strongest solution. If this app isn’t to your liking, then Fill and Sign PDF or DocuSign are also viable solutions.